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CORRIGE d'Anglais
France Métropolitaine - Section S - Juin 200

Sujet Corrigé


1. a) Who is the narrator? How is he/she related to, Sam?

The narrator is a woman, her name is not mentioned in the text. She is Sam's wife.

b) Justify your answer by quoting from the text.

"we produced two sons” (line 4-5)  

"our honeymoon “  (1ine 12)

"my husband's parents" (line 16)


2. Match one element from column A with an element from column B.                  A                                                                                B

1. Sam had a heart-attack                                                     a) in 76

2. They had children  .                                                          b. in the late 70’s

3. They got married                                                              c) the early eighties

4. Sam found a good job abroad                                          d. at the age of fifty-two.

5. They moved back to England                                           e) in the summer of  ‘99

 1. d

2. c

3. a

4. b

5. e 

3. What consequences did Sam's job have on his life? (30 words)

Sam was very involved in his job which led him to have a very busy life; after a first heart-attack, bad signs threatened him again: as a result the family decided to move back to England.


4. Choose the right answer.

They decided to     a) buy a brick house in Richmond.
b) rent a place in Dorset.
c) buy a farmhouse in Devon.
d) rent a flat in Torquay.


b) rent a place in Dorset

Questions 5, 6 and 7. Focus from line 18. to line 29("We'd done well ... world sporting fixtures)


5.  a)1.19. "There was no immediate hurry for either of us to find a job." 

What does it reveal about their standard of living while abroad?(15 words)


It reveals that they had lived a very prosperous life and had managed to put aside some money


b) 11.1 9-20. "Or so we imagined." - What does this mean?(20  words) 


They finally realised they would have to find a job quickly and that they were wrong to imagine they could live on their savings.


6. How do they see the British society on their return to their homeland? (30 words)


This was a dramatic change for them to see that Britain had turned into a consumer society but also to accept that the standard of living had considerably increased and that their lives would never be like before.



7. Find a key sentence showing it wasn't difficult for their children to adapt to their new  environment

 (Line 25-26) "Hastily the boys abandoned us for their own age group”



 Questions 8 to 12. Focus on lines 38 to the end

8. a) Who was Sam in touch with some time after their return?

He was in touch with Jock Williams


b) What did they talk about on the phone?

They talked about their financial situation.          


9. Say who the underlined words refer to. (l.39-1.42) 

“I took time to wonder why it never seem to occur to Sam that Jock was as big a fantasist as  he was, particularly as –Jock had been trumpeting ‘mega-buck sales’ down  the  phone to him for years but had, never managed to find the time – or  money?- to fly out for a  visit. `What did you say ? »


(a) I = The narrator ( Sam's wife )

(b) He = Sam 

(c) Him = Sam

(d) You = Sam



10.1.38. "I lied through my teeth". What did Sam lie about? Why did he feel the need to lie?

(30 words)

He lied about his financial situation. He felt the need to lie because he was too proud to admit he didn’t succeed in his job so well as Jock did .



11. Did the narrator and Sam share the same vision of Jock Williams?(20 words)

 No, they didn’t. Unlike her husband who was too credulous, she didn’t believe a word of what Jock William boasted about.  


12. What is Sam's state of mind at the end of  the passage? (20 words)

He feels desperate and sad. He regrets his past life and wishes they hadn’t sold their Richmond house before moving abroad.


Question 13

13. Translate into French from "The Idea was to have ... line 14 to "... Torquay, line 17.

Nous avions en tête de prolonger nos vacances d’été  tout en cherchant un logement où nous installer plus durablement.  Aucun de nous n’avait de lien particulier avec une région de l'Angleterre. Les parents de mon mari étaient décédés et les miens s’étaient retirés dans le comté voisin du Devon et dans la douceur climatique de Torquay.


Choose one of the following subjects.

1.    l. 2. "...Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. They were good times..."
Would you be ready to go and live in faraway countries if it meant getting a better life? (300 words)

2.    a) Do "garden fetes, village cricket" and "theme pubs" correspond to your vision of Britain? (150 words)

            b) How can you account for young people's attraction to designer clothes? Do you approve of it? (150 words)