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CORRIGE d'Anglais
France Métropolitaine - Section S - Juin 200

Sujet Corrigé



1 Give the main character's full name.                                                                                                                   

The main character’s full name is Mr. Walter Streeter

2 What is his job? Justify by giving three elements from the text. (Indicate the lines)                              

He is a writer

a) The words ran off his pen (l.2)  /  It would be foolish to check the creative impulse (l.2)

b) I was writing in my study (l.17)

c) I was writing when you rang (l.24)

3 What time of day does the scene take place? Illustrate your answer using three details from the text and indicate the lines.                                                                                                                                  

The scene takes place during the night

a) “after dinner” (l.1) / “tonight” (l.1) / “for the sake of a little extra sleep” (l.3)

b) “the small hours”(l.4)  / “say good night” (l.4)

c) “a visitor at this hour” (l.8) / “rouse his housekeeper” (l.45)

From l. 1 to l. 29

4 Who is the "visitor"?                                                                                                                                                

The “visitor” is a policeman

5 Describe the main character's feelings when he hears the door bell ring. Use evidence from the text.                                                                                                                                                                           

He is worried frightened and apprehensive.

He is so afraid that his knees are trembling (l.9)

He is surprised to have a visitor at this time of the night  (l.8-9)

6    a) How did his feelings change once he realized who the "visitor" was?                                                  

Once he realized who the visitor was, he felt relieved and reassured

      b) Quote from the text to justify your answer.


(l. 9-10) what was his relief

(l 10-11) Without waiting for the man to speak “come in, come in, my dear fellow” he exclaimed

(l. 20) Nothing can happen to me

7 Choose two adjectives for each character from the following list to describe their behavior:                      

careless / distant / hostile / upset / welcoming

Support your answer with ideas from the text.

a) Walter is both welcoming and upset. He is first welcoming with his visitor inviting him in and offering him a drink, but he feels then upset when his visitor begins to criticize his writing.


b) The visitor is both distant and hostile. He not only refuses Mr. Streeter’s hand but also successive kind offers of hospitality. In the same way, he upsets Mr. Streeter by criticizing his writing.

From 1. 30 to I. 50

8 What does the phone call reveal about the identity of the visitor? Answer in your own words (about 30 words).


The phone call reveals that the visitor is not a real policeman and that he is probably a criminal or a robber. Moreover, it also indicates that the police station forgotten Mr. Streeter’s request.


9 What indications can be found in the text to show that the main character is and feels in danger? Answer in your own words (about 30 words).                                                                                               

Mr. Streeter shows he is very frightened  and in danger by stammering and wondering how to protect himself from his visitor, who he now refers to as a “lawbreaker” capable of savaging people.


1 Who or what do the underlined words refer to?                                                                                              

a) l.1: “… tonight he did” =  Mr. Streeter

b) l.3: “they were right” =  people in general / everybody

c) l.9: his knees trembling”= Mr. Streeter

d) l. 16-17: "not to mistake this for a grudging acceptance" = The policeman’s answer

e) l.41: “would you like us to send somebody”= the police station

2 Complete the following chart as shown in the example.









to silence


foolish (l. 2)

Fool / foolishness

To fool


warm (l. 6)


To warm



relief (l. 10)

To relieve


safe (l. 20)


To save


Hopeful / hopeless


to hope (l. 32)

3 Put the following sentences into reported speech using the prompts given.                                           

a) line 14 "Come in and warm yourself."

He invited him to come in and warm himself

b) line 20 "... nothing can happen to me as long as you are here."(4 pts)

He said  nothing could happen to him) as long as he was there

c) line 38 "He can't be one of our chaps."

He replied he couldn’t be one of their chaps

d) line 38 "Did you see his number by any chance?"

He wanted to know if he had seen his number by any chance

e) line 43 "All right then, we'll be with you in a jiffy."

He said it was right and added  that they would be with him in a jiffy

f) line 49 "No room's private when the street door's once passed."

He said that no room was private when the street door had once been passed

4 Rephrase the following sentences, using the prompts given:                                                                       

a) It was contrary to his routine to work after dinner.

He was not used to working after dinner

b) "Now won't you take your traps off?"

Why don’t you not take your traps off  ?

How about taking off your traps ?

c) The telephone bell rang and Walter hurried from the room.

No sooner had the telephone bell rung than Walter hurried from the room.

d) I’m sorry to say we quite forgot about that little job we were going to do for you. (2 pts)

I apologize for having forgotten about that little job we were going to do for you

e) Should he barricade the door?

Had he better barricade the door ?

f}Should he try to rouse his housekeeper?

would it be a good idea to rouse his housekeeper?

5 Translate the following sentences:                                                                                                                       

a) line 12 "You must have been very cold standing out there".

Vous avez dû avoir très froid là, dehors.

b) line 34 "But," said Walter "you did send someone".

«  Mais » dit Walter, «  vous avez bien envoyé quelqu’un »

c) line 35 "No, Mr. Streeter, I’m afraid we didn't"

Non, M. Streeter, j’ai bien peur que non

d} line 36 "But there's a policeman here, here in this very house".

Mais il y a bien un policier ici, dans cette même maison


Choose one of the following subjects. (300 words)                                                                                            

1 Imagine the end of the story.

2 Do you enjoy reading detective stories or do you prefer another type of literature? Explain why.